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Wed, Jun. 22nd, 2005, 07:31 am

My post broked, so I'm fixing it.

Left Behind: Chapter 2
Rating: Very very R
Disclaimer: I own nothing, once again. For my enjoyment, never for profit. That's a dumb idea anyway...
Notes: SLASH! In a major way.

The morning glory flowers still held their tight shape, wanting the sunrise to wait.Collapse )

Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005, 08:49 pm
New Fics

I have two, two, two, push pineapples shake my tree...

Sorry, I have two newish fics. Woohoo!

Left Behind: Chapter Two
Rating: Very Very R
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I enjoy reading and then writing. Simply for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Summary: Cutter and Skywise's memories turn into something more.

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I have two, two, two, push pineapples shake my tree...

Sorry, I have two newish fics. Woohoo!

Left Behind: Chapter Two
Rating: Very Very R
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I enjoy reading and then writing. Simply for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Summary: Cutter and Skywise's memories turn into something more.

<lj-cuttext="He smelled of the trees, and the starlight he loved to sleep under.">

I needed a walk. I slipped to the ground, looking around to see if anyone was about. No one ever was this close to sunrise. My steps fell quietly on the forest floor, waking none but a bird nearby. Even the preservers were already asleep. But something didn’t feel quite so quiet.

“No one had better be sneaking up on me,” I sent to the open air. A figure landed beside me.

“Damn it, Cutter, you know me too well.” Skywise poked me lightly in the ribs. “What’s the matter?” He asked quietly.

“Nothing,” I replied mechanically. Skywise smiled grimly and moved to stand in front of me, blocking my path.

“That would be a lie,” he replied calmly. I moved around him and continued to walk. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He had a beautiful puzzled look on his face. His brow slightly furrowed, the corners of his thin mouth turned down. I stopped and waited for him. He ran his fingers through his silvery hair, and we walked in silence for a while.

We arrived at a clearing that I liked. There was a pond reflecting the waning moon, and there was a fox hunting on the other side. It dashed into the trees upon seeing us. We made little noise as we sat down under a willow tree. The morning glory flowers still held their tight shape, wanting the sunrise to wait.

Skywise leaned his soft head against my chest. “Now,” he whispered, “What’s wrong?” I buried my nose into his hair. It smelled of the trees, and of the starlight that he loved to sleep under. He wrapped his arms around me in a brotherly fashion, giving me a squeeze.

“I’m glad you’re back, Fahr,” I said into Skywise’s ear. I could feel him smile.

“Me too,” he replied. Again we sat in silence, until Skywise lifted his head. I made a little squeaky protest, and he grinned. But it faded, and again he looked puzzled. “Did you remember a lot while I was gone?” I didn’t answer right away. I had dreamed of old adventures, and of childhood days when we used to play, and of his smile.

“Yes, I did.”

“I did too. Remember the time we went looking for Dreamberries for your father, and we almost got eaten by trolls?”

“They weren’t really going to eat us,” I exclaimed, “They were just trying to scare us.”

“Well, it worked. I still don’t like troll food. I keep having these sneaking suspicions that they really do eat Elves.” I laughed at him, and subconsciously kissed him on the forehead.

Again his grin disappeared as his chin rose to look into my eyes. His were beautiful. I could see the moon reflected in them as I did in the pond. They were like grey glass, and they had deep wisdom in them. We leaned in to each other until our noses touched. He moved his nose against mine, and it felt right.

I kissed him.

I finally did it. I did what I knew was right. I could feel the desire rushing through me to the tips of my toes as Skywise kissed back fervently. I broke away and smiled, and he closed his eyes as I kissed him again.

The next time we broke, he whispered in my ear. I heard my name, and I’m pretty sure I heard “High Ones.” Skywise leaned me back against the trunk of the willow. Concealed within the long branches, I knew no one would find us. He kissed me again, and I felt his tongue rubbing against mine. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and he moaned quietly.

He knees straddling me, he pushed my vest over my shoulders. My hands, which had been gripping his upper arms, did the same to him. I moved my hands to his hair, and pulled the metal band out, letting his silvery strands fall into his face.

Skywise trailed wet kisses down my chest, leaving a mark between my collarbones. He reached my ribs, and I moaned and he traveled to my navel. Before I knew it, he was marking my hip bones, and his hands were at my breeches. I threw my head back and cried out as Fahr surrounded me.


I couldn’t believe it was happening. My body was telling me to do things that my mind never eve perceived; never even thought about. And Cutter was below me, gripping the grass under the tree with strong hands, his head thrown back with eyes closed.

Everything felt right. The setting, the time, him in my mouth. He was so beautiful this way. I sucked gently, teasing with my tongue, and he made indescribable noises. I felt ready to let go right then. But he arched into my throat, and I knew I never wanted this moment to end. I removed myself, ignoring a desperate squeak from above me, and marked his inner thigh, sucking until there was a red welt left over. I moved back up to his face, kissing him once again.

He broke away, and looked into my face. His eyes drew me in. I was hypnotized by the blue in his eyes: they were the color of the sky on a perfect spring day. His mouth was slightly open, and he was flushed, sweat dampening his white-blonde hair. All I thought to do was smile, and kiss him again. I felt his hands move over my chest and downwards, massaging as they went. I felt him brush my through the cloth, and I groaned again. His fingers worked at the ties, and pushed the hindering folds down to my knees, where I carefully kicked them off. High Ones forbid I should kick him.

And his hands worked on my thighs, closer and closer, until they reached home. I cried out his name, but was muffled as he kissed me again, his tongue meeting mine with a rush of warmth that I had never known. I ground my hips down into his.

“Nnn… Fahr… oh…” It was music to my ears. His hands were on my rear, and mine supporting my weight against the ground as I pushed harder and harder into him. I heard him cry my soul name once more as he released between us. I felt the warmth between us, and his body tensing beneath me, and sweet waves rushed through my blood as I blacked out.

He woke me a few moments later, chuckling.

“You fainted,” he said. I smiled and closed my eyes. He kissed me once more, passionately, and softly. And once again he snuggled against my chest, like when we were cubs.

“I love you, Fahr,” he whispered. I swooned, and answered with a kiss to the top of his head.

“And I you, Tam.”


I fell asleep against Skywise’s chest, feeling his heartbeat under my ear. I knew that eventually I would have to go back to the Holt; back to the tribe; back to my lifemate and cubs. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay here forever.

He wanted me to as well, I think. He looked so happy while it was happening. It looked as though this had been his dream. His deepest desires were now open to me. Such a thing happens when there are such relationships.

He’s loved me forever, I thought. I never wanted to leave him. And at that moment, as I heard a lark sing and saw the flowers opening, I knew that life would never get better. So as I dozed off, I tried to not take for granted this beautiful moment. And I knew he did, too.

Tue, Jan. 4th, 2005, 09:03 pm
Can't Think of Anything New

I have no bunnies, since the only ones are being used by others. But here's what I've got today. I'll hopefully have something new within the next few days.

Title: Left Behind (chapter 1)
Author: TM
Rating: PG-13
Notes: I don't own ElfQuest. Even if I did, I couldn't worship the books more. I took memories from the books, but purely for research and accuracy. And I had fun at the same time! ^.^

He rushed back into battle, and I stayedCollapse )

Mon, Jan. 3rd, 2005, 10:11 pm
First Entry

Ahhh, I love the smell of a brand new journal in the morning.

Although, it's 10:11 p.m. And I'm tired as fuck.

This journal is specifically for the fics that I write. I've been on kind of a spree lately. I'll have a fic tomorrow.